Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Sunday Worship

You’re welcome here!

A Christus Victor, we are committed to worshiping God in ways that engage mind, body, and soul. We are a singing church! Our hymns are often traditional but supplemented with other styles, particularly when they reflect the scriptures and themes for a given Sunday.The liturgy and hymns change with the church seasons. People of many backgrounds will find something familiar, whether you grew up Lutheran, Baptist, Catholic, or something else entirely.

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What to expect

We’re formal and informal. Most folks dress casually yet our liturgy involves robes and processions. There is a sense of tradition blended with warmth, relevance and openness. In other words, we’re high church with shorts!

Holy Communion is celebrated every Sunday. Some folks drink from a common cup; others intinct (dip) the piece of bread into a cup of wine. Gluten-free wafers and grape juice are available. Those who cannot partake of either element for health reasons may commune in one form. All are welcome at the Lord’s Table without exception, including children. A blessing is provided for infants/toddlers not yet communing or for adults who prefer that option.

Sermons are relevant to contemporary issues and struggles. Though they engage our minds, a dose of humor or a down-to-earth example helps make ancient texts fresh for today.

Children are a vital part of our community and are welcome to fully participate in all aspects of worship. While we do not have a nursery, a cry room is located adjacent to the sanctuary. It is equipped with toys, rocking chairs, and a changing table. Changing facilities are also located in both the men’s and women’s restrooms.