Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Luther’s Roofers Bingo Night

A Thrivent Project:

UPDATE (Dec 10 2017):  Thank you Amy Bearson-Lundy for coordinating the Luther’s Roofer Bingo Night. A total of $2,300.00 was raised for the Christus Victor roofing fund. 

On Saturday, December 2, at 7:00 pm, we will have a charity bingo night at the VFW#2132 Bingo Hall, 3801 Old Spanish Trail in Gautier, MS. There will be Bingo games played for gift prizes, raffles and dinners. All proceeds will go to the Christus Victor Lutheran Church roof fund. The team will help gather gifts for the bingo and raffles and prepare dinners.

It is a family night, children are welcome. There is No Smoking inside.

If you need more information contact Amy Bearson Lundy.