Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Photo Directory Update:

We’re getting close to publishing the 2018 Directory. One section of the directory shows photos of members.  Another section of the directory lists names, addresses, etc. Currently, almost 70% of the congregation have had there photos taken. If you would like to have your photo in the directory, please see Lynda Richmond. She will be taking portrait shots after worship services through the month of February. If you would prefer to email Lynda your own portrait photo, please call her.

On March 1, photo submission for the print form of the directory will stop. The directory will be formatted and sent out for printing. After printing it will be available to you.

The directory will also be accessible in app format, on smart phones and tablets. The app will be updated regularly and photos will be able to be updated easily.  Soon, instructions on how to install the app will be sent out via email. Printed instructions will also be available.

In addition to the directory, we are in the process of changing over the News from the Pews. We need to have a correct email address. If you have a change in email or new email you would rather use please fill out a yellow worship card with the correct information.
Thank you!